The metal detector models BLISSTOOL LTC64 and BLISSTOOL LTC64X are representatives of the new generation of BLISSTOOL metal detectors from series LTC.

BLISSTOOL LTC64 and BLISSTOOL LTC64X are extended and improved versions of the model BLISSTOOL LTC48X, which now replace it.

The improvements,compared to BLISSTOOL LTC48X are in most components, including

  • design
  • electronics
  • depth of detection
  • discrimination
  • stability and sensitivity
  • setting
  • indication

The BLISSTOOL LTC64 and BLISSTOOL LTC64X, were the first implementaion of the fully completed version of the BLISSTOOL technology SuperB Depth = Super BLISSTOOL Depth (SBD), the basis of the design was implemented in BLISSTOOL LTC48X. It provides excellent depth of detection BLISSTOOL LTC48X, and has been developed and improved in BLISSTOOL LTC64 and BLISSTOOL LTC64X.

The difference between BLISSTOOL LTC64 and BLISSTOOL LTC64X is that BLISSTOOL LTC64X is extended version of BLISSTOOL LTC64. The BLISSTOOL LTC64X contains GAIN and TONE potentiometers, which are not available in BLISSTOOL LTC64. The GAIN potentiometer is used to adjust the input of the AC amplification of the signal from the detected object, and through the TONE potentiometer the user can adjust the frequency of the output sound of the metal detector as desired, and adjust to the most comfortable and pleasant sound to him. The presence of the GAIN potentiometer for BLISSTOOL LTC64X is to provide the user with a fine-tune control over the behavior of the metal detector. This generally permits the BLISSTOOL LTC64X to achieve greater depth of detection, especially in terrains with low to medium mineralization, and an opportunity to increase the stability of the metal detector in highly mineralized terrains and terrains with a high content of ore.

All other features of BLISSTOOL LTC64 and BLISSTOOL LTC64X are identical.