This document is applicable only to Blisstool Metal detectors that have been supplied by BLISSTOOL UK. It is an extension to the existing warranty on metal detectors supplied by BLISSTOOL UK and does not apply to metal detectors that have been purchased directly from the manufacturer, BLISSTOOL, in Bulgaria.

BLISSTOOLUK, in the unlikely event that you experience a problem with your detector, will provide a service station for any repairs or servicing that your BLISSTOOL LTC64X may require. Any service or repairs that fall outside the terms of the warranty that are carried out by BLISSTOOLUK or BLISSTOOL the manufacturer, will be subject to a charge for parts and labour.

Full details of the warranty can be foundĀ  here

Loan Machines:

If your detector develops a fault, BLISSTOOLUK offer a unique Loaners Plan. Once the manufacturer has confirmed there is a fault, BLISSTOOLUK will dispatch a BLISSTOOL LTC64X V2I at our cost. BLISSTOOLUK is the only detector distributor to offer this service.

When the fault on your detector is repaired, it is required that the Loan machine is returned to BLISSTOOLUK, before the repaired detector is dispatched. It should be noted that any damage to the Loan machine is the responsibility of the customer and any damage will incur a charge.


The Loan machine plan is only available while the machine is under warranty. If there is any damage to the seals or evidence of tampering, the warranty is rendered VOID. In the event that the warranty has been voided or expired, the customer is liable for all costs to make good the detector and all carriage costs. In the event that there is no fault with the machine. All carraige costs will be payable by the customer.